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Ag Guard is pleased to announce that it has entered into a long-term exclusive partnership with agricultural insurance
specialist Elders Insurance.

Through our partnership, Ag Guard provide a specialised crop insurance underwriting system and support services to the
Elders Insurance business. Providing our clients with the certainty that your insurance is supported by the two leading
crop insurance specialists in Australia.

For more information on Elders Insurance, please visit www.eldersinsurance.com.au

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Points of Difference

Coupled with a different approach to product design, Ag Guard wants to make the lives of our intermediary network a little easier.

What we can offer you

  • Quote
  • Bind
  • Endorse
  • Renew
  • Invoice

With Ag Guard, you get:

  • To manage your portfolio in your own time
  • Improved customer services
  • Fast and easy referral processing
  • Improved time management in renewal process
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